Give aways and goodies

Day 22 of the advent calendar

This draw is closed now. Follow this link for your chance to win a flacon of a fragrance from my line,your choice, December 23.

Welcome to day 22 of the advent calendar and another chance to win an all natural, all botanical Cologne du Maghreb. Just leave a comment on this blog post and you enter in the draw. Any comment will work just fine. And as always, I will pick the winner by and will inform the winner by e-mail.

I will meet the insurance guy in a second who visits our apartment to do a post burglar inspection of the damage and make an educated guess on our claim. (see post Friday 16 for details on the burglar issue) . In the mean time, we figured out that the burglar had a very strange stealing pattern indeed: He took a half eaten Salami from the kitchen, too. A hungry burglar.

After this meeting, I am looking forward to play for a moment with an ambra base, a mixture that I created almost a year ago, rich in amber gris, vanilla, cistus extract(s) and a few other treats. I need to search it, somewhere in this sea of bottles that fills a lot of space and needs some selection and clearing, and I want to smell it again; stealing some time before I have to start working conceptually.

Working conceptually basically translates into filling excel lists, to layout ideas for next year and come up with a plan. It is always good to have a plan. Right?