Give aways and goodies

Day 24

This is day 24 of my advent calendar. (The advent calendar draws are now closed)

It is the last chance to win the cologne du Maghreb, in a very simple 50 ml flacon,  all natural and all botanical, by simply leaving a comment below.

But wait, wait, wait: Because it is Christmas, you have another chances to win. If you are on facebook: You can comment here on my facebook page and double your luck to win. Click here to get to the facebook page.

And do not forget to leave a comment here on this blog, below. I will pick the last winners after the holidays and will be silent on my blog until early January.

This year’s advent calendar was a special experience for me. It was so fun, and I feel like I learned a lot about people and X-mas. When I woke up this morning, quite early, in anticipation of cooking and having my brother’s family here with us, when I looked back to my Christmases of the past, missing the festivities with my father and my mother, the miracle of X-mas, experienced as a little boy with singing and the comfort of my parent’s love, then I realized how blessed we all were and still are.

My family has its roots in Germany, and left with and after the war, and I am probably representing the first generation in a long while that could celebrate Christmas always in times of peace, without having to worry for food, for shelter, for fathers in prisons, for mothers in arms. I hope that my brother’s kids will continue celebrating with their kids in peace. It is a privilege and the most precious gift we can hand over to our kids and friends and family: Celebrating with our beloved ones in peace.

I wish you and your beloved ones merry holidays and a peaceful 2011.