Give aways and goodies

Day 3 of my advent calendar or "my rose X-mas tree"

(This draw is closed. Please visit the advent calendar 2014 starting page for more chances to win, every day. Thank you, and good luck!)
Good morning to you all: Day 3 of the advent calendar! Today’s prize:  a discovery set with 5 samples, your choice of scents shipped to almost everywhere :-). For details and in order to make sure not to miss draws happening outside: See the advent calendar page 2014. Just leave a comment here on this post to enter the draw.

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Today’s picture is a very quick illustration that I did yesterday in the factory, during a break from packing air du désert, playing a bit with complementary color schemes, and imaginary roses in an imaginary x-mas tree. Actually, this tree would be perfect for a perfumer: Cliché, cliché. Actually, there’s a lot! of clichés surrounding perfumes and perfumers.

But, here’s a (non-cliché) thought for the day: Every morning, when waking up, before getting up, which usually is a short  5 seconds, I’ll try to think of something nice. Something that I will do during the day and that makes me love to get up. There is always, every day, something nice to look forward to.  Even at days when the world seems to be dark and black.

Today’s first thought: In an hour, I will bake the bread that I prepared yesterday.