Give aways and goodies

Day 3 of the advent calendar

First, I want to thank you all who shared your love for animals with all of us! What  a treat to read all these comments. Merci. (thank you for bringing up Capybaras… love them too, Roberto) And YES, Charmaine,I hope so much that there will be a little bit more peace in 2011. I guess we need to send a little prayer at some point.

And second, we continue with the draw. The prize is the same like yesterday (The Cologne du Maghreb,  made for this occasion, all natural and 50 ml of it) and your comment, short or long, is sufficient to enter the draw. I will fly to Paris today. It is a short trip and I aim at taking a deep, deep breath before the end of this very busy year, and inhale French chic and eat great food. Actually,  I fly to Paris because there was this super extra great offer by Swiss, and I could not resist. And, as I started talking about cities and as we all have our loves and hates there. What’s your favorite city?

Mine is…hmm… LA in spring.