Give aways and goodies

Day 3 of the advent calender

Welcome to day 3 of the advent calendar. Today, again, you can win a  sample discovery set. Just leave a comment here on this blog. Anythings goes.

The world of fragrances is often a bit over many things, like over serious, over the top, oversexed, over conceptualized, over stretched, and we are all part of it. Like me, although I try to stay on planet earth; sometimes I can feel this urge to come out with a scent that is embedded in some kitsch, concepts, romantic, dramatic, cliché, ..because it might be fun.

Like a game. So there we go: Today’s picture shows you such a “game”, that might be used to come up with a fragrance, even a line,  called “but, I love you”. So… your turn, if you feel like it: What was said before, or afterwards? But I love you

Have a great day, and thank you for participating!