Give aways and goodies

Day 5 of my advent calendar, or an odd interpretation of the x-mas tree theme

This draw is over. But there is another one waiting for you. All days through December, up to Dec. 24. Don’t miss it 🙂
Welcome to day 5 of my advent calendar. Today, you can win again, without any purchase or other obligations. You just need to leave a comment here, on this post, and you are in. We pick the winners with The prize today: A rose flash, 10 ml roll-on, perfume! A pretty rare rose that you cannot buy nowhere right now. (more details here about the scent and there about the draws).

So there we go; another day, another chance.

And another water color sketch going with today’s post. Not to be taken 100% seriously. Comic style. Sometime, when in search for distraction, I sketch these deers and dogs, out of the blue, without any deeper second thoughts. When it comes to perfumes, I am a bit more serious; although comic style perfume sketching – in the sense of – playing without the goal of creating another BIG masterpiece that everybody will continue talking about for the next 200 years- is fun!

You know: Everybody these days makes “pieces of art” when it comes to perfume. Here, I stopped talking about my perfumes being art quite some time ago. Overused, terms become useless. And you know what: It is completely irrelevant whether something is considered a piece of art or not: What matters is you, the wearer of perfume. That’s there where the magic begins.

Thank you for your comments: Anything goes. Good luck in the draw and enjoy your day!