Give aways and goodies

Day 5 of the advent calendar

Welcome back to my advent calendar 2013: Today, you can win a fragrant soap bar, called “perfume in a soap: MANDARINES ambrées”.

Good luck! You participate by leaving a comment here on this post, today; anything goes. More details on how to participate you find here, on the advent calendar starting page.

I finished packing the first batch of 50 pieces of the citrus- amber – soap  yesterday, in brightest sunlight. These days, we are very lucky in Zurich. It is cold, but the days are filled with sunlight. Sunlight that seems brighter then in January. It is wonderful. Yesterday, we had the most colorful sunset imaginable, and happily, I was in the woods in the evening, running  a “fitness parcours” course, and I had the pleasure of doing push ups under a sky exploding in all tones of red. Later, I was running through a forest in black and white: White snow tracks and black stems, thinking about light and shadow.

These soaps have become sort of a tradition in the house of tauer. What started as a gift to friends, is also a product now. But only in Zurich, where you can find them sometimes in the little bookshop where everything started. Shipping these internationally is too expensive and they are a lot of work and come with little margin.

When I saw the light shining right through the soaps I started thinking and still do today. I often refer to the aldehydes, which are a certain class of molecules, as a tool to turn on the light in perfumes. I wonder, what would darkness and shadows be in perfumes?

perfume in a soap: MANDARINES ambrées

perfume in a soap: MANDARINES ambrées