Give aways and goodies

Day 6 of the advent calendar. hohoho.

Hohoho. It is Santa’s day!

And Santa brings you fragrant things in his big, big bag. Today, we have a special treat for you. But first things first: I happily announce that we hit an all time new record yesterday on day 5 of the advent calendar. We got more than 400 comments. That’s kind of special. Wow!

Thus, in light of this all time record and Santa knocking on our doors, we expand the give-away of today a bit. Today, Santa brings prizes for three winners: You can win a Cologne du Maghreb, or two sample discovery sets with 5 samples each of your choice from my range.

The only thing you have to do: Leave a comment here on this post and tell Santa whether you have been nice this year. If not: Santa does not really care.

Have a lovely Santa day!