Give aways and goodies

day 6 of the advent calendar

this is day 6 of our advent calendar and it is the “Santa Claus Day”. The prize today: Again a Cologne du Maghreb, if you have been a nice boy or girl the last year. I will pick the winner using from the comments.

When I was a boy many years ago, Santa would visit us, at home, with his “Schmutzli”, all dressed up with huge beard and red coat. Me and my brother were always a bit scared when we heard him walking up the old chairs to the third floor and once up there, he would open up his large book to check whether I was a nice boy and wether there were occasions I haven’t behaved properly in the last year.  He come for several years, until one day my brother asked the Santa why he has the same shoes like our neighbor, and then he stopped coming to visit us.

Back then, Santa did not show up in November, but only this December 6 and you would not see Santa afterwards for a full year.


We have definitely lost something there. In a sense, Santa has become a commodity these days, hoping around the Christmas trees while “Dreaming of a white Christmas” is around every corner. But maybe it is not that  important after all.  The children of today may look back in 30 years and have their own warm memories of Santa…

Thus, thank you for your comment that allows me to pick you for the prize. Any comment is welcome, but maybe you have avSanta memory to share. I wish you all a lovely Santa day.