Give aways and goodies

Day 7 of the advent calendar

Welcome to day 7 of the advent calendar 2013. Today, you can win a sample discovery set again (5 samples, your choice of scent, comes well protected in a tin box), and your participate by just leaving a comment here and any comment will just be fine.

Today, I share a selfie that I did the other day in the “factory”, where I pack and label and pour perfumes. The sunlight, early afternoon, was perfect, coming from the side, and lightening the pump heads sitting on the flacons. The flacons are all crimped, but not labelled, yet and miss the bakelite top covers. We had to fill a lot of bottles, lately. It is quite an artisanal venture, no automation, and involves a lot of hand work. Among many other aspects, like the fragrance composition and what goes inside and what not, this is what makes my venture different, too. Mostly, I am pretty happy there, in the “factory”. The selfie proofs that.

Although, to be honest, to get this shot done properly, I had to take about 30 pictures. And yes, I was procrastinating when taking these. After having seen a documentation about procrastination the other day I do so without any remorse. Procrastination anyone?

Andy Tauer selfie, happy in factory