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Day 7 of the advent calendar – the Grinch

So this is day 7 of the advent calendar. Today it is about the Grinch who stole our christmas. Actually, this is probably the sadest post since a few years. Sorry for that. But that’s reality.

Today’s pictures gives you a hint on where Andy found his christmas Grinch these days: It shows you just  some of the parcel that we shipped during the last week, that all came back and were not transported by our shipper. We got a big pile of parcels back. In the mean time, all clients got their money back, or are in the process. So, yes, here’s the thing: Our shipper is confronted with new, adjusted security measures implemented by the air freight carriers. Implemented over the last week(s) and without prior notice. Yep, NOT ONE WORD. Imagine, all the perfume bottles being returned and the angry post clients. A nightmare for them….Thus, the post cannot ship perfume  bottles anymore. They used to, and this very reliably. On another side note, my shop needs to be adjusted to allow us accepting air freight orders for samples. Thus, no samples either.

This is very unfortunate and it means that I can, for the next weeks, only serve the neighboring countries. I will soon make a news item on my site, informing about this new development, and hope that I will not get too many emails. An update is published regularly on my website: www.tauerperfumes.com/shipping It will take weeks and for some regions probably months to establish new shipment logistics as we have to change the way how we do business. I guess it will give me the opportunity to talk about logistics and how we adjust and what the consequences are in the coming weeks on my blog.

So here ‘s the thing: The Grinch has stolen our Christmas, but I am happily looking forward to 2013, and will kick the Grinch.

For the Post, things are worse and kicking the Grinch is less easy , as they are faced not only with us, but a lot of other companies that cannot do international business with them anymore. They are not really to be blamed. But still, my Grinch is yellow.

Today’s price: A discovery set, shipped from Switzerland, your choice of 5 samples from the Tauer line. Just leave a comment, anything goes, or if you feel like it:  let’s talk about the Grinch: have you ever met the Grinch?

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