Give aways and goodies

day 9 of my advent calendar, or a christmas tree under snow

Welcome to day 9 of my advent calendar. Today, you can win a sample set with five of my scents, your choice, or a rose flash 10 ml roll-on, but as I can only ship the rose flash within the US right now, the rose flashdraw is for the US only. Sorry. But here’s my promise for 2015: I will see that I can bring rose flash to Europe. One way or the other.

And make sure to check the link above again tomorrow. Its worth doing so…

This morning when I fetched the newspaper, early in the morning, it was snowing! It is still too warm for the snow to stick, but still: Snowflakes in the air. There you go: The perfect excuse for today’s kitsch aquarell. A single candle on a christmas tree, outside; I am not dreaming of a white christmas but make it happen on my drawing paper.

Actually, the holidays are the perfect excuse for many things, like eating too much, or spending too much money. Not only for others but also for oneself. At least, that’s the way how I do it. I sort of pamper myself with a present for myself. Mostly, it is something perfume or business related. Like: I want this cellophane wrapping machine! Please.


Although, I have to tell you that “machine” does not really fit here. It is all manual.

Manual Cellophane wrapper machine in tauerville

Manual Cellophane wrapper machine in tauerville

You see it standing next to air du désert marocain boxes in the “factory” tauerville picture in the right down corner.

This year, the gift from Andy for Tauer will need to be a pad. Mine, ipad 2, is still working, but it is getting soooo slow. And, as I do all my mails during the day there and much more: I guess that’s an ok present.