Give aways and goodies

Day 9 of the advent calendar

This is day 9 of the advent calendar and soon, soon we are in the middle of our countdown to X-mas. Another countdown comes soon to an end: The scent gathering on Saturday in Zurich, called “scent apéro”, because I provide scents to sniff and together with Pascal food and drinks.  This year’s theme is CITRUS, in all its variations, from lemon peel oil to bergamot and orange blossoms, and I will do the dilutions to spray them and sniff them today for use on Saturday.

Pascal is the shop owner of the book shop in Zurich (click here for the home page with a nice picture of me, Pascal, and Beatrice who makes dream curries and more. I am the guy on the right side) where everything started. It was he who proposed to make a fragrance for his shop, the fragrance was the le Maroc our elle, and when we started this venture, the Le Maroc was sitting on his shelves in an really, really unpretentious flacon. That was about 6 years ago. Then, we started dreaming of selling 100 flacons. In a sense, we are still dreaming today.

Of course, I will also show the Cologne du Maghreb (as it is about 95% citrus, as you would expect, building on a lovely contrast between lemon with bergamot and rosmary and lavender) during the scent apero, but it will not be for sales. This gathering is sort of non commercial and we do not use it to sell my products. A fact that some find strange. For me it is important: Some things in life should be for free. Like the scent apero in December.

Today, you have another chance to win a Cologne du Maghreb, by just saying hello and leaving a comment in the comment section. I will pick you with and send you an e-mail.  And you will find your name here, on the list of winners. And one last word, although I cannot answer or comment back to you: I am really trying to read all of your comments and send you all a  BIG thank you.