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delivery imminent

Right now, I am at home, in the office, waiting for a DPD delivery of new labels. So there is time to share some stationnary with you. I got new business cards. They were designed by my designer guru who is super cool. In the picture (one of today’s orders) it sits on the wrapped perfume box (wrapped in a print out of one of my aquarelles, tulips, with golden ribbon). The card is two things: The top part can be sprayed and it is perforated, thus you can take the lower little part as business card (and lose it, what happens to me all the time.)

I also got a new flyer that I used together with order shipments, to leave a little note, saying thank you.

And we got, again designed by the guru, a paper wrap that goes around the body oil bottles, with some legal information and information how to use them. A simple paper, with two stickers holding it all together. It is simple but looks actually very nice. It comes with an artisanal aspect which is perfect as this is what I do; produce artisanal things.

This week is a bit calmer than last week: One visitor will come over on Thursday: Christie from China is going to visit me and we will do some talking and videos. Because Christie runs a niche perfume online business and we met and talked for half a year now and things are looking good. Sooner or later I might ship some more bottles there. I have sent testers a while ago to test whether the Chinese might like Tauer. Some do. Nice.

So, yes: I live in a totally globalized environment; our postman, the DPD and DHL and Fedex guys are sometimes amazed about all the things I am getting, coming from everywhere.