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details on rose absolute

This morning, reading the comments section of yesterday’s post, I wondered how many roses are needed for the rose absolute that I poured into the mixture of the Incense rose.

The mixture I did yesterday is for about 500 flacons later (25 liters) and I put about 183 grams of rose absolute into it. This is a heavy fragrant, viscous, dark red, expensive liquid. In every flacon of the Incense rose you find rose absolute, worth about 1.2-1.4  $ US. Compared to industry standards this alone is much more than what you get somewhere else for the entire mix. Equally expensive, by the way, is the Ambroxan that you find in the Incense rosé. I put a lot! of this synthetic ambergris material into it, and I use it in a high quality that has its price of about 1.3 $US per flacon. Quality can make quite a difference when it comes to synthetics.

Anyhow: I was talking about the roses.

The amount of rose absolute that I put in the Incense rosé corresponds to about 185 kg of rose petals.

It comes from about 800 rose bushes.

It uses a little less than 1 tenth (1/10) of a hectare, this means these roses grew on 1000 m2.

Isn’t this fascinating?