what's up?

Dig into it

Today’s picture sort of tells you a lie. Winter does not really happy down here in Zurich. I took this picture last Monday in the Alps. This morning, in Zurich, the sky exploded in colors, with the clouds being neatly arrange in a nice line over the town, and the winds were still blowing from South-Southwest, over the Alps, a wind called “Föhn” which translates into headages for some, warm temperatures for all and no rain as long as it keeps the clouds away. The rain will follow later today: It is going to be a perfect creative Friday day. As soon as the head gets clearer with the rain coming in.

Action points there: Another black and white portrait that waits on the Cintiq, dilutions of experimental scents and some research on ideas that are scent and picture related, and some strategic thinking. And maybe shopping stuff online, investing in a few ideas, remembering what I read about Microsoft’s new boss, Nadella. Obviously, he buys books and stuff to learn and to dig into ideas, whenever he has an one. He is said to have too many books to read.

Not comparing myself with him nor Microsoft, but I love the take home message of this post. Got an idea? Dig into it!

That’s what I will do, regardless of the consequences.