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Doors and day 14 of the advent calendar

There we are again: Day 14 of the advent calendar with a picture of doors leading to a bright unknown. Today, you can win a fragrant soap, called MANDARINES AMBRÉES, made for the season and not available as something you can buy. It is probably the most popular soap that I have created so far. Well, actually, you can buy it in the book shop in Zurich, where everything began. Pascal, the shop owner of Medieval art&vie, asked me to get some, as he has many clients asking for the soap. So I made a few extra. Their wrappings are not designed by my design guru from the Designers Club, but I put the Tauer logo on the wrapping. That’s already something.

When I started with my perfume venture about 8 years ago, I did not put a logo anywhere: It only said “tauer perfumes” in small, very small letters on the packaging as you are legally forced to put the producer’s name there. Thus, when I first met Donovan, my designer friend, he asked me, how clients know that a scent in a box is from me, Andy Tauer, and I told him that there on the backside of the box, at the bottom right, there it says made by tauer perfumes…..

That was a while ago and since then I have successfully upgraded my brand and venture. Next year will see me doing a lot of things differently, and from today, I start working on these changes.

I picked this picture as it fits perfect with the end of the year, and the new year starting, with new opportunities opening: We hope so at least. Right now, to be honest, we are however still in the dark tunnel and the next door with light is not that close.

Today, we learned that we cannot ship perfumes out of Switzerland to our retailing partners with air freight, using our shipper of the past. The consequences are somewhat cheerless. Some channels will not be served anymore, air freight shipment costs will explode and product prices with them.  A lot will change, as we cannot just pick another shipper but have to go through a lot of certifications and paper work issues.

Thus, if you are in the US and elsewhere “airfreight abroad” , get your tauer now. They might be off the market for a while.

Thus, I picked this picture, hoping for new opportunities opening, although some of the views in these rooms I will not like.

To participate in today’s draw: Just say hello. And maybe, if you wish, share which perfumes you think must stay on the international markets, under all circumstances….

Cheers from Zurich!

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