general thoughts

DO's and DON'Ts

Don’t ask me where the “right” and -pleasing to the eye- appropriate apostrophes should be in today’s post title. You find all sorts of recommendations for the apostrophes online; I picked one that goes with my esthetics. Today’s post picture is inspired by what you get to see in airplanes: few do’s and a lot of don’ts.

So here’s today’s DO: spray 1-4 times, lasts for 12 hours. Works for most of my scents, as they tend to last for a long time and as they are quite potent. For most of them a good spritz is enough. Some may require 2-3. I think 4 is about the max level for most of my scents.

I feel a series of pictograms coming. Don’t ask me why: I think pictograms are funny.

I might have to come up with one for students  in their final year, looking for a job in the house of tauer. The other day I got this by email. “Dear Recruiting Officer, blablabla…. wondering if there were any opening with the Marketing Department at Tauer Perfumes….blablabla…”

Here’s the don’t: Do not apply before having done at least a one minute research about the company you are applying for a job. Please.

To end this post with a happy DO note: When it comes to perfumes, do as you like. There is no gender boundary, no age boundary, every color and every shape might work. Just give it a try! I wonder how this pictogram might look like. Although: I learned that for many, gender is an issue and I get quite often questions about which scent is for men. Tricky one. Thus,  I see an unisex pictogram coming, and a do not spray in mouth, eye. Or better: Spray here and there, but not there. And a pictogram for “wait for one hour before scrubbing off”, and one for “do not blind buy this one”, and a few more.

Here, I am getting ready to start into the new week. Curious what’ s it going to bring….