The hyacinths that I bought in the local flower shop on Saturday, a little spring teaser for grey January days, opened their flower buds. Yesterday, the scent was a bit sharper, more invasive than today. Hyacinths come actually with quite a complex, not always pleasing scents. Notes are green, silvery, sharp, balsamic, spicy, sweet, a hint of powder,  a touch brown cacao bitterness.

However it smells: It is quite dramatic.

Quite an amazing little thing. I put a few molecules and botanical raw materials together, yesterday, after jogging in rain, under the most grey sky imaginable. I picked cinnamic alcohol, phenylacetaldehyd-diemethylacetal, phenylpropanol, rose absolute, a lily based that I made a year ago (a fragrance in itself, consisting of 11 ingredients), ambroxan, and a few others. Just playing with scent strips.

And actually, I wanted to continue there. But I just learned that the flacons will be delivered later today to the “factory”. A few thousand again, coming from France, handmade by Waltersperger, blue ones and amber ones.  Thus, I will need to head down to tauerville. No play time today.