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Draw reminder and last chance

This is the last and ultimate reminder that the draw is still open. Click here, enjoy the perfume spots, leave your comments (following the instructions, thanks!) and make sure to catch your chance to win one out of three perfumes, full bottle, from my entire range! Hurry up. The draw is about to end soon, October 29.

Thank you for participating!

I am back from Nice, where I saw this lovely decorated window of a sweets shop: Picture to the left. Sweets, and candied fruits à gogo. Hmmmmm! It made me think of Loretta. She would for sure be happy in there. …Although I visited the LUXEPACK in Monaco, I wasn’t really looking for the super luxurious packaging solution, but more for simplifications, for alternatives, and I was visiting to get in touch with exisiting suppliers. I feel this becomes very important, the longer the more, to have a network of partners and friends to collaborate with. At least for me. So I was there, and enjoyed Nice in the sun, and nice in pouring rain (think: POURING!) and I enjoyed Luxepack. Although: Two days at the fair, with rough travels in between due to the train strike, are sort of demanding. I need to tell you more about it. But first:
You need to participate in the draw! And I have to unpack the suitcase and get a vague overview over the post and bills that dropped in the last few days!
It is nice to be back and I wish you all a lovely weekend. Enjoy!