what's up?

end of week

Happy Friday!

That was quite a week! Like… super busy here. Now, I just finished preparing the last shipment papers for retailers shipments that will leave the factory this afternoon. And then, then we go back to normal. Normal means: Working on the Gardenia launch, enjoying the thrill, and playing with raw materials (again): While cycling, I was composing scents and playing with fragrant lines in my heads. It is about time that they find a place in my excel list of formulas.

Today’s picture is a watercolor illustration that I did yesterday, waiting for the postman to bring me the shipper’s declarations for the dangerous goods shipments. There was not a lot of time, and hence it was a quick illustration. Quick means: No time to work on details. It was an interesting experience, as I sort of let the brush go, find its own way and the result pleases me. Two colors, flowing into each other, one motiv, a rose, popping out of the background. I used a different paper for this illustration , a paper that I have not used yet and it really made a difference. I guess, it makes a bigger difference than the quality of the brush used. I was thinking about the picture before painting it, for about 4 days, and wanted to try out a couple of things.

I feel like I will visit the motiv again, trying to work in the same technique. Thus, I consider this a first trial. Lessons learned here: First, it is worth thinking about a painting before doing it. Second, paper makes a difference. Third, let the brush lead you. Not the other way round.

I called the painting rose flash. version 1. For a particular reason.

And now: Have a great Friday, everyone.