what's up?


Welcome back to another week in the factory. This week will see me bottling, packing and working on labels. I should have done the label work over the weekend, actually. But it was just too nice up there in the Alps and I felt like I needed a treat, so I went for a hike. Nothing particularly strenuous: The guide said you need 5.5 hours, I did it in 4.5, break included, 600 meters up and the same down again on the other side of the mountain.
It was indeed great up there, some summer flowers still blooming and it was amazingly quiet for a Sunday.
In order to safe my reputation here: I took some work with me, writing mails and text (this post included). And I guess thinking about perfumery and perfumes while hiking kind of counts, too. Right?
Hiking is zen; meditative and inspiring. I love to think about ideas and developments, about people and things while hiking. With every step forward, your mind gets clearer. At least for a while. Thus, towards the end of the hike, after walking for about 2 hours over pastures without trees, high on 2300 meters above sea level, I ended up in a wonderful, old forest. It was in the afternoon, around 2, and the large twisted trees`shadow fell on soft, dark green, mossy ground. The air was filled with the scent of fir resin, Swiss Alpine fir, larch, forest incense, on a mossy undertone, but dry, very dry and almost gourmand. Wonderful.
One fine day, one fine day, I will need to create a perfume that is inspired by a hike in the Alps.

But first things first: I have smelled the latest take of the rose de Kandahar again, and again, and again; the latest trial where I tried to bring out the characteristic notes a bit better, be a touch braver on the notes, notes that I find fit the rose oil, and tell the/a story. I discussed it with friends, too. I got cheers there.
So yes, I am a bit more optimistic and feeel/think I am getting there. You know… the same old story: when is a scent ready , when not.
Another task this week: Fool around with different dilutions of this particular last trial and see how the scent behaves. This is going to be thrilling. You can expect another post on this rose, soon, on the notes, and maybe a few words about how I ended up there where I ended up.

And now: Let`s kick start this week and engage. Today’s picture: Larch, seen yesterday, dramatically enhanced by going black and white. Enjoy!