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every day a bit closer

Tomorrow, I take the train at 7 am to go to Bologna, to back the same day after 11 hours in the train. Time, to think about a speech I will give on Tuesday evening on “scents of your dreams”, and time to think about a few projects that I have running. And about how to arrange my stock in the new rooms once we can get in there. And think of a nice color for at least one wall. I figure blue would be cool on one wall, while leaving the others white.

The next steps there, to get the rental contract for the rooms: Send my application together with an official confirmation that I never went bankrupt so far. Which is sort of funny. Looking back into a bright past does not really tell anything about the future. Anyhow: Here’s a detail on how fast the Swiss authorities (sometimes) work: I sent a filled form off by snail mail to the state agency providing these official confirmations on Thursday evening at 6pm. On Saturday, 8 am I have the stamped form in my letter box.

Amazing, isn’t it?

Amazing is also the number of emails that I am getting these days. Everybody wants the ZETA collectibles. NOW!


To be honest: I  am still waiting for the last piece in my supply chain for the ZETA. Unfortunately the green wooden top covers are delayed due to “force majeur” (a broken machine). But I was promised that on Tuesday the will leave Austria and by the end of next week, I shall have this last missing item and then… then…. then… In about 10 days I will pour and label and box the ZETA -a linden blossom theme- and then I will ship it and then I will start offering it.

I am sorry that some of you need to wait another 2 weeks or so.  Thank you for your patience. I have a hard time waiting longer.

Until we are there: Let’s enjoy spring coming every day a bit closer.

Have a lovely weekend!