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Pretty much everything was troublesome when trying to get PHI-une rose de Kandahar back, in somewhat larger quantities in order to give some to the stores, and some to distributors that serve markets that I can’t serve directly.

Troublesome, from A to Z. In the end, as mentioned here many times before, the rose oil from Afghanistan was a big issue. When I realized how much the rose de Kandahar is appreciated, I immediately got in touch with my supplier. They reserved stock for me, from the producer in Afghanistan. That stock was sold, although promised and reserved for me, to somebody else. Then we found another producer who said that he still had rose oil. When my supplier ordered in my name, like a millisecond after I heard from my supplier the good news, this was sold out, too. Then there were a couple of false positive hits (nobody to blame..) and then there was me, basically giving up for 2013’s harvest.

Thus, I got my rose oil in summer 2014. Ah well.

In May, I ordered more green bottles. They never got here. For many, different and difficult reasons beyond my and my bottle producer’s control. Thus, I decided in September to switch to clear bottles as the alternative was too expensive. Do I like this change? You bet: NO! But then: I had no choice, really.

When I launched the PHI-une rose de Kandahar last year, as a fun and limited thing, I realized also that there was a design flaw built into the Collectibles series (the collectibles are scents that I produce around a raw material that is hard to get and the scents are hard to produce….). The flaw: The label was on the top. As long as there was only one collectible on the market: No problem. But with the second, things got complicated. Removing the top translated into: You could not tell anymore which fragrance is which. Not terrifically bad, but bad.

Thus, I got new labels for the flacons. Did I like to do that. You bet: No. But I had no choice, really.

But here’s the good thing: Did I have to change the formula. No.

Today’s picture shows you a sketch of the new label …. part of it. Have a great start into your week!