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In my last post I mentioned the Tauer miniature flacons. Here comes an update: I have actually filled a couple of hundred of these  miniature flacons with L’air du désert marocain and will put them online soon. But there ‘s more. I have also filled them with the scent Attar. Some of you remember this scent from my Tauer MAG, issue 01. There, I talked about it and offer a 0.5 ml sample size of the Attar which sold like crazy.

Now I am getting ready to make the next step: a 5 ml product. It will go online November 5. The Attar is the same formula (scent), comes in the 5 ml miniature flacon (blue) with the Tauer logo on one side and a silver label on the other side. It is packed inside a tin box, protected by a cardboard sleeve and a transparent bag with a sealing sticker that breaks when you try to remove it. This is for the stores and the clients: this way they know that the product has not been tampered.

I am behind schedule there, as always: there were logistics issues and more but now, I am finally getting there. For the time being, however, I cannot offer samples of the attar. There is simply not enough time to fill more of these tiny 0.5 ml vials. These might follow later.

Yesterday, Saturday, I was working in the factory where I labelled more of the Attar flacons and packed them. It was a joyful moment, the moment of anticipation, without having to worry about deliveries and emails and all that comes with a new product. What is nice about the Attar: as it is 100% perfume, without ethanol or other fillers, it is not dangerous goods and ships without any issues. Finally, a product that basically ships everywhere, except to countries where import restrictions are in place, such as Italy.

After having labeled and packed the Attar yesterday, I went to the “atelier” room where I was continuing preparing a picture for a later transfer to wood for a woodcut. Again: a wonderful moment of anticipation without having to worry about the result.