creating scents

experiments and checks and balances

Today’s picture shows you a quick shot, modified and rendered dramatic, of an aluminum bottle, 250 ml, with absolute of jasmine in it. I used it yesterday, when (hallelujah! ) I found the time to work in my creative scent room and do a couple of experimental runs. This particular bottle contains the last milliliters of a jasmine absolute batch that I used earlier for production. Usually, I buy my jasmine in 250 gram portions, and the bottles go to my production stock. Production stock means: All bottles there are used for production. And then, after a while, when the bottle is (almost) emptied, the bottle and the last milliliters of absolute go towards my experimental stock: Most of these are in the “creative” room, there where I mix experiments, but not organized like you would imagine. It is basically just bottles everywhere.

Thus, Friday, following my rule of trying to be creative on Fridays, I turned on the balance and started weighing some experiments in the afternoon, after spending a morning writing up ideas  in Excel. Ideas that were there since a while, but needed to find their form in Excel first.

That was nice. Think “white flowers”. One of the experiments was actually a dilution of a double check mixture of the SOTTO LA LUNA “gardenia”. I want to be on the very safe side and mixed a control mix, version 8.1.1.beta, a while ago. You know: Just making sure that the formula is tight and really works and is reproducible. After thorough maturation, I made dilutions of it yesterday, and will allow them to mature again. But things look great there. This is the next big thing that will keep me busy after NOONTIDE petals.

So…. I wish you a lovely weekend, and send rich indolic greetings.