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explorer set by tauer is live now

Since yesterday, the Explorer Set is now live on my online shop. It is a product that shows on the Classics, Homages, and Samples level.  It is a set of 3x 15 ml glass spray flacons that I created for perfume lovers allowing them to explore my line and scents extensively. You can pick any three scents, or three times the same scent, and I ship to many places: Not everywhere, though. We don’t ship this to Italy, UK, Russia. For the later two we have exclusivity agreements, and Italy is blocked due to customs issues.

Thus, 3x 15 ml, put together, for a price that depends on the scents. AND: Free shipment, with Fedex.  It starts with 3x 15 ml of air du désert marocain at 126 CHF, (that’s about 134 $ US, 102 Euro). I did tests with Fedex. As you would expect: Very reliable.

The 15 ml flacon is quite heavy and very robust. It comes with a 0.14ml silvery spray and a little aluminum cap, inside in my sliding metal box.

Right now, I can offer some scents in this format; the best selling fragrances, like Air du désert marocain, or Orange Star or Noontide Petals. In total 9 scents to choose from. Later, if the product works well and if there is a need, I will add (some of) the other scents from my line.

The Explorer Set  does not show yet on the home page, the landing page , of tauer perfumes. I think I know how to make this happen, but I have not decided yet. I am just happy that I can finally offer it.

Finally: Why did I create this Explorer Set? I got mails on a daily basis, from clients interested in my products in larger than sample size, I could not offer anything due to the shipment restrictions. There are countries where my scents are hardly available, even through online sources like Luckyscent. Thus, I wanted to come up with a nice alternative:
A choice of scents, 3×15 ml, nicely packed, with free shipment, and a reliable logistics. And a nice and robust flacon with great labels. So, there we go. And yes, this is a Tauer online exclusive. It will not go into shops.