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fir twigs

Three signs that you are getting old: You get up in the morning and your knee hurts. And you worry about it.

Serious thought  right after getting up: I guess this knee wants to get moved. I will go hiking on Saturday. And if it does not behave properly the next years: I will buy a new one.  Other serious thoughts today: I still have the same signature in my e-mail. I feel I will change this.
L’air du désert marocain
“…brings images of Morocco and the dry desert to mind…”
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into… hmm: I do not know yet. Something with the ROSE VERMEILLE. Because the rose vermeille goes like warm cookies these days.

And: I need to start working on the X-mas cards for this year. Last year I used a scanned rose. I feel like scanning a fir twig or so. But first, I should get my act together and buy this epson… Now that I managed to get my computer backed up again. I had serious troubles with the Windows 7 tool and needed to switch. Sounds easier than it actually was. Backing data and volumes up is somewhat annoying. Still. Amazing.

Today’s pictures shows you a fir, a spruce fir, seen last week when hiking.