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Flower power

Just wow! ROSE flash developed into a Rose flash MOB sales. Thus, this post is short, very short, as I will be busy keeping up with my online shop. To celebrate: Today’s picture is a colorful selfie, sort of how it feels like here in tauerville, or roseville….happy and somewhat thoughtful tired.

Actually, ROSE flash is already on backorder in the US. I can make a second shipment with what is left here in Zurich in my boxes. But I will have to keep an eye on orders and in a day or two will have to remove the product from the store. I guess that’s good. Thus, if you want it delivered to your door in the US or Switzerland: Now’s the time. What follows next: I have to see.

Maybe just one word, to explain: Why US and Switzerland only?

This is what I wrote as answer earlier today: ”

I have seen that some perfume lovers wonder why I offer this right now in Switzerland and the US only, and why not Canada or other EU countries….

One reason is simply sales logistics. I have established an US company, Tauer Perfumes LLC, have a warehouse shelf in California, and a shipment company that ships what I have in my warehouse. I had to do so because perfumes are considered dangerous goods and it has become virtually impossible to ship bottles to most places from Switzerland.

The other is European Union cosmetics regulations. Switzerland is not part of this (highly over regulated) EU club; hence I can not simply sell my products there, but -in theory- have to register them in the EU through a third party. A process that takes time and costs money.”

A happy day to you all!