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Yesterday, in the factory, under my tauerville sign that I got from a friend, years ago, to celebrate the opening of the two rooms where I spend most of my time these days, yesterday, I made today’s blog picture. Very,  very wet. An experiment really.

Kind of out of control. You see how the colors flows over the face? Magic!

Here and there (perfumes) I love it when things start to flow and get out of control. I learned, however, that most people do not. Flowing can also mean: Doing something in a different way than before and reinventing things and yourself. Like saying cheers to playtime with Calone. Or goodbye to xyz. To some extent, there ‘s a part inside me that welcomes crisis mode and the fluidity of breaking points, of interfaces between yesterday and tomorrow. First because I am more effective. And secondly because I am more decisive. Stuff that might have been accepted for years, without complaining, like retailers paying late, or perfumes not selling well, or better said: investments to bring a perfume from one packaging to the other or onto the shelves with little financial return, stuff like that, from one day to the next, gets changed, eliminated completely. Like the Pentachords. What is out there on the shelves may sell and then: That’s it.

And in this sense, every thunderstorm is a relief.

When announcing the price hike, due to the Swiss Franc going through the roof and due to increased uncertainty of where we end up,  on Facebook about two weeks ago, Marianne asked me there what might change. I think I said something like “everything”. Unfortunately, this ship is already partly loaded hence to change everything needs time, more time than I wish. In other words, the homage scents will stay a bit longer because the next batch is made. This however is not true for Zeta- a linden blossom. 1 bottle left. For me. I am sorry.

But you see how the color flows in the picture? Magic!