making ofTableau de Parfums

fragrant droplets in a bottle in a box

This is sort of an off-tauer post, on walking up and down and arriving. The picture shows you a peak of unknown name, next to Safierberg, where we passed from one valley to the other last week (passing over Safierberg at 2500 meters above sea level). The walk up there was nice, but of course a bit strenuous. The walk down was also nice, but equally tough on knees et al. In the middle of the walk was the saddle at 2500 meters with a great view.

While hiking up you feel like it is never going to end. And when you are up there, you look forward to the beer/apple juice in the village down there. And you spend only about one minute up there, because it is windy and chilly.

That is pretty much what life is like. Often. Walking up there. And then, up there, looking forward to the next step. We do the same with Tableau de Parfums right now: Brian published the first pictures of the flacon and the packaging, on facebook and on the Evelyn Avenue blog. It was quite a strenuous way up there. Brian and me worked hard on trying to find the form that speaks about memories and that is more than merely a packaging. We want to make a  statement and to give a meaning to fragrant droplets in a bottle in a box.

But now I sit there on the top, a warehouse filled all the way up with boxes and labels and silver chords and I look forward to coming up with all of it in Los Angeles, October  7 and 6.