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gardenia again

So the gardenia sits in the living room, close to the window, facing south-southwest. Funny enough, it smelled like a vanilla pudding with pepper yesterday. As you can see in today’s picture, the flower is at the end of its blooming period and by tomorrow or Sunday we will see fresh flowers opening. Today, another flower opened and it started with a scent that is more on the green-fresh-jasmine-sweet side but without indolic aspects. Thus, a head space analysis of a flower does probably not always render the same results. This leaves room for fantasy.

I must revisit tonight, and see what happens over night. I bet it smells even more intense, as actually the flower’s perfume is not made for our nose but in order to attract pollinators, i.e. insects flying in the night. Competition for these seems to be tough or they might have to be lured in from a long distance.

Smelling gardenia was one of the compensations yesterday. It was my home office day yesterday, fighting with certificates of analysis of tuberose, rose, orange blossom, and many, many more: I am getting Loretta, the second fragrance from the Tableau de Parfums, series ready for autumn launch. Most of the paperwork we have to do these days is for the European Union. If you ever wondered why there is little growth in Europe : Start a business and you will see.

The EU is a gigantic regulations producing machine, whereby the regulations threaten to suffocate innovation and creativity.

But then: I do not really care. And I do not want to offend EU lovers. As always, I try to look at the bright side of things, happy as I am an outsider, and in a sense rediscovering the formula of Loretta while taking care of the EU regulations. Tuberose, another white flower, plays a central role there. In a sense, gardenia and tuberose, are like brothers or sisters. In my imagination, the gardenia is the more behaved, more elegant, more modest, more timid of the two. Tuberose seems to be a bit more daring, more sexy.