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It is nice to be back from Florence!  The four days in this great city, attending THE fair for selective perfumery, were just awesome. But, guess what: at the end I had a hard time standing, in whatever position, and my voice sounded like Zara Leander`s after a couple of drinks and cigarettes too much. And I am not talking e-cigarettes here…. Thus, it was nice getting back yesterday again, and back home I can sit behind my computer and I can write my lines without having to talk.

So, yes: Pitti Fragranze 2013 was just amazing. A nice picture series, on (click here) shows you some highlights. My personal highlight: Lavender… but that’s another story. The next story that is waiting here: Clicking this “SEND” button for the newsletter that is ready to go out. The Explorer Set started well and the newsletter basically tells that we have it and that it ships with an introduction price of 10% off, until September 24. Still, I am scared.