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Yesterday, I spent most of the day in the factory; my two rooms where I stock things and where I get bottles ready, for shipment ultimately: Except online order shipments. These I do from “home”, where I have some stock (always too little), my computer that prints shipment labels and where the post office is near and always too full.

I filled the first bottles of Noontide petals in the factory and did a first 200+ bottles round. As repetitive as this normally is -filling bottles, crimping them, polishing them, putting lot labels on, putting shoulder stickers on, putting top on and getting the bottles back in line inside a cardboard box- and to some extend a bit boring: The first time it always feels great. First time and last time, I guess, are remembered. The bottles in between are just happening.

Mentioned earlier: The label that I place on the flacon’s shoulder is a bright, rich yellow. And it is a first from another perspective (almost… the air du désert marocain got also a new batch of stickers): I changed the quality of the label (sticker) that sits on the shoulder.

Three changes:  A stronger glue. A thicker protecting laminate layer. And more gloss. Especially the laminate became important for me. Now, with the new quality sticker: Not much can happen there anymore, even if you really treat this sticker with  aggressive perfume, rub it in and try to scratch it. And they stick neatly. And come with extra gloss. That’s good. They are a bit more delicate to pick and place, though.

Today’s picture shows you a sketch that I did after about 2/3 of the labeling round and as I got already used to the new labels and needed a break.