what's up?

going downtown- Tauer at MIN

OK. Now it is sort of official. You find tauer from now on in the MIN Apothecary in New York. Here is the link if you want to visit virtually. And if you want to visit physically: It is quite easy to find. Just follow your nose, in NY and on Crosby street (#117) you might discover cowboys around the campfire, you might smell some desert air mixed with the perfume of spices and freshly baked cookies, or you might find yourself in a raspberry field with roses. And you will discover that Min is actually a very nice and comfortable place to be.

And if you visit March 17, early in the evening, you might see a perfumer guy in jeans and white shirt. I am looking very much to it. And thank the team at Min already now for the cocktails. Everyone is invited.

Don’t miss.

And now: Back to work… mixing, in order to make sure that we have something to smell in New York.