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goodbye winter and a couple of ideas

Yesterday, while doing my “vita parcours” thing in the woods nearby I could smell spring for the first time this season With vita parcours being a loop with some exercises but with limited jogging length I usually add a few miles jogging extra. And running through the woods early evening with the sun approaching the horizon, the air was filled again with scent. It wasn’t up to a few days ago: It was simply too cold, with temperatures below zero, and the sun not really getting through all day long.

Thus, spring is getting here. Goodbye winter. And with spring comes energy that seems to be infectious for everybody: The birds are doing there mating and chirping thing, perfumers are dreaming of new scents, consumers buy new scents and stock market traders buy Dow Jones stocks. The DJ index reached an all time new high yesterday, widely blabbered about in the media, and in a sense it is just wonderful how we all tend to displace inconvenient bits and bobs, like the unemployment rate of young people in Southern Europe (reaching the level of the 30-ies depression), debts that only inflation will pay, and more. But what the heck: this is what makes us human; born optimists fading out the the inevitable.

Me too, by the way.

Spring is here, and I was doing my exercises in the woods because my day was filled from a to z and beyond. I will fly to Rome over the weekend for the Noseday, organized generously by Campomarzio, bringing joy to perfumers and perfume lovers alike. Thus, there is quite a lot to get done before that. I got the printer that I will use to print cards that will go with the packaging of NOONTIDE petals, providing you allergens information and other legal stuff and telling you that the scent you got is “hand made in Switzerland”. I will test the printer in an instance and I had the idea to print some NOONTIDE petal cards, too. You remember: The art déco visual I came up the other day. I add it here again:


The way I feel about NOONTIDE petals: An art déco inspired illustration of the scent


I think I will print more of these art déco and NOONTIDE petals inspired visuals, on glossy paper,  in order to have something when shipping the first samples to retailers and bloggers next week. (And you, dear reader, in about 2 weeks).

The “hand made” that you find on every product information from Tauer Perfumes is actually not that important -I think-  but it helps, as signing cards helps to spread the message… when you get a Tauer scent, be it a sample, be it a full bottle,  you get it from Andy. This is important. It is this union, this combination that makes things a bit special here. I think. By the way: This is one of the reasons why I say “No, thank you” to many retailer who want to sell my products in an environment that where there is little room for artistic, artisanal products where this link is missing. No thanks. Craftsmanship, that’s the word I was looking for.

Enough self promotion for today: Enjoy today’s other picture (a workmanship woolen penguin doll I did some 30 years ago) and let’s all say hello to spring!