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green stuff

As promised: I  show you a teaser photo of the green flacon. But do not take this green for certain. It is a touch too bright. Colors are like describing perfumes….there is quite an ambiguity going with them. Later today I shall get all the labels from my printer (yep: Another delay as one of the cutting  tools there did not work properly). Thus, I will have everything (except the green beech wood top cover that will come in the next days from Austria. I will show you a picture with the labels on and the fragrance in.

But, to be honest: I am in total love with the green. And with the Linden blossom fragrance that will find its way into it, as soon as I got a few large orders out of my way. I hope I can ship the first flacons early April.

And for those of you interested in reading a thoughtful review: Please visit Ermano’s blog. We got together in Rome and I gave him a sample to review, provided he gives me a big hug in return. He sure did. Thus, here is his review, click here. Enjoy!