today’s picture shows you a look into the sun through a veil of green beech leaves. I was out for a hike yesterday, enjoying the sun and a stretch of blue sky that was hold in place by southern winds rushing over the mountains. On my walk up, I sort of went backwards in time and could enjoy spring flowers again that have bloomed down in Zurich a while ago. Early on my walk up, I came through this beech tree group. Their green is amazingly soft and light. I wonder what perfume would go with them, and what name? Beech trees in May, Fagus sylvatica? Fagus is nice.

But the biggest olfactorial impression made a lilac bush at the end of the 5 hours hike, down in the valley. A violet variety with a perfume that was simply amazing. Sweet, very sweet and diffusive, yet delicate. According to Bo Jensen and his references on head space done on lilac, a lot of this diffusive quality is due to benzyl methyl ether. I need to check this later, at some point. Bo’s site is a great starting point for anybody interested in natural scents and which molecules are involved for instance that a lilac smells of lilac.

Today’s focus is however less on creating new perfumes but rather on blunt factory stuff . Later highlights will be continuing on packaging design and following up on some ideas there. AThus, as soon as the online shop orders are out I will head to the factory to bottle Incense extrême, and if time allows, to make some samples. I need to hurry up a bit, as a good part of this week sees me in Rome, where I will officially launch Miriam, from Tableau de Parfums. I guess I will talk about Rome tomorrow. Have a great start into your week!