marketing and branding

greetings from Switzerland

I published today’s picture (a Swiss cow) already on Sunday in the social media, wishing a nice Sunday. But, as it fits perfectly, I use it again here, wishing you a lovely week.

A Swiss guy sending a cow picture over is quite clichées. I do not know how Switzerland managed to get this cow image, as there are tons of cows in Austria, too, or France. Or Denmark. Anyhow: Here is an interesting observation of mine….I am actually not a Swiss brand, or better said: I am a Swiss brand that does not plays with the “swissness” and is not recognized as Swiss brand by many. Actually, some think I am an US brand.

By the way: it tells you something about what I do these days when I am talking like “I am a brand”.

The brand is me and the other way round, and the brand is what I do with it, but my swissness hardly ever plays a role. But you know what: Serving this clichée is really, really not what I want to do. No Heidi perfume from Andy. And no air des montagnes suisses.

These days, I have to make a couple of decisions for autumn and the holiday season (x-mas 2016) and -for reasons totally unclear to me- I am totally undecided and kind of push the decision making forward and away. Maybe it has to do with spring exploding here in Zurich, with tulips starting to bloom, and me not wanting to think about Christmas. Not now.