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“gschpaessig” is Swiss German, for “strange, odd, bizarre, beyond what you would expect” with a negative connotation.

Gschpaessig can be many things, like facebook posts. Actually, the longer the more, gschpaessig fits well on many, many facebook posts.

Gschpaessig is also adequate for the world of fragrances, the industry behind it, and the tectonic shifts that we see these days, if we dare looking closely. Most have been said here before: So I won’t rabble and babble about the state of things there.  In politics, gschpaessig is quite adequate these days, too. Gschpaessigfits perfectly in our time; it  describes pretty well the odd, very green lights on the stock markets and the money flood from reserve banks pumped into all kind of markets. There, I am convinced, we witness a dangerous (but maybe alternative less?)  dance around a bonfire that is nourished by the savings of those who still believe in money.

Gschpaessig, indeed.  So gschaessig, that I am considering getting invested mid-term again in put options. Which, on the other hand, the W.-factor finds gschaessig.

How can you make money by investing into the hope of markets falling? Gschaessig, and probably ethically difficult to justify.

Gschpaessig was also the reaction of the same W.-factor, to my latest take of Tuberose that I want to add to the upcoming line Sotto la luna. My guinea pig is always very honest and I am happy about that.  I wanted to give the ” tuberosa sotta la luna ”  a bit more depth and darkness. The previous trial was very much ok, but not quite as close to perfection as I wish it to be. So I tried a few things (including overdosing a base ingredient which sometimes does the trick), that did not work out, and I will go, after 3 trials that brought me into weird territory far away from any flower, back to the version 16 and try to add depth and darkness there.

Sotto la luna: The first scent or two or three will find their way in some way into my line towards the end of this year or early next year. Depending on my resources. Maybe  I will start rather exclusively. So there is still some time, and the next trial will see me adjusting the chord that I created for the tuberose. It is a partial base (a chord) that covers part of the spiciness and  some floral aspects, but little of the lactonic part of the flower (except for Jasmine abs.). I decided to go a bit higher with the spicy part there, broaden the floral powder and dark  intensity by introducing more ingredients, and I decided to basically leave the base untouched.

Not that there is any hurry, though. Right now, I need to start working on some information to be printed onto paper, for Pitti. Let’s call it a little brochure; where I need and want to explain what and where and why and all of it accompanied by some illustrations and pictures, like the one on the side going with today’s post: Deadline end June, to allow for the translation.

I should work on the text. Seriously. Sort of now. But I so far I only come up with pictures for this little side project. Gschpaessig.