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GT and the final part of artisan series


We got another coverage. In Gay Times, GT, an online and print magazine, that “supplies every gay man with the information he needs” (copy from the GT website ; click her to visit and consider registering for their twitter feed.) Unfortunately, you will not find me online there, but  I allowed myself to put a little teaser online with today’s post…. see the picture of today…Enjoy!

And we have another feature: Nathan finished the Tauer artisan series with his third article. Besides the fact that I like to read about me (…) I find his series (do not miss Mandy Aftel’s coverage there) important and worth following. Here is one sentence and a reason why you might want to visit his site:
“But it’s not like a perfumer ever stops creating, and much like the “publish or perish” mantra in the world of academia, it can be “launch or perish” in the world of the DIY perfumer. Yet continuous inspiration and creation (the hallmarks of a vibrant artist) can sometimes lead to a……”

Thanks for visiting Nathan Branch’s blog, clicking here.

And while you do your reading, I will do my packing of the pallet and some other stuff…