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hello world

A while ago I got myself an Adobe Illustrator to work with and to come up with labels and various designs later. It is rather expensive, especially here in Switzerland, where everything is more expensive, compared to buying it in the US. Thus, I am looking very much forward to buying some sneakers and my favorite jeans in the US when visiting LA end May. Companies like Adobe will run into troubles sooner or later with a business model that does not fit an internet driven global market place. There is no way how you can justify asking significantly more for a download product here or there. The same is true for fragrances to some extend. Thus, the isolation of markets and regions becomes the longer the more difficult. And hence the most effective and productive market places set the standard. I guess this is the reason why the largest online retailer for low volume fragrances sits in the US (

The internet is the place with the largest diversity of low volume and artisanal fragrances.

Anyhow. So I got the Illustrator and using Adobe’s online videos I am getting used to working with the software which is fun. Actually, it is a lot of fun. It reminds me in my earlier days when I started this perfume venture. Since then, let’s say 6 years ago, the number of  internet users has more than doubled. And the number of rude  and impolite users seems to have grown disproportionate. Many got a tool that allows them to express themselves in a way that thew would never dare in the real world. Facebook sure does not slow them down.

I guess the only way to face this low level talking is by setting a higher level.

Thus, I got my Illustrator and will use it in the next months and years to come up with labels and boxes for new ideas. Ideas that will help me to talk through fragrances to perfume lovers who are interested in exploring new fragrant worlds. to be continued….