hightlights upcoming

Today’s picture is one of this weekend’s highlights. Very little blue bell like flowers sitting on a stem, a litte spring greeting. In real life, their size is about 3 cm and I do not know their name. They sit in a pot, in the warm house and bloom while it is grey outside and uncomfortable. I took a picture, using a macro lense, with the sun shining into the little bells, from behing, worked on it a bit with photoshop and just love how the light plays in the little bells.

We are not really a 24/7 company, but still: Weekends don’t mean no work, really. But, besides work as usual, photoshop was my distraction this weekend, with a sketch here and there and a few pictures, still trying to learn more about all the goodies this piece of software offers. Amazing what a few extra layers can do…in the end, however, the more I work with photoshop, the less I believe any picture.

Another highlight, upcoming, will be a meeting with my design guru this week, discussing ideas for the labels of Sotto la luna: gardenia. I have sent some text, such as notes and allergens, and realized that besides the visual presentation we will need to come up with a decisive way of writing “sotto la luna gardenia”. Large letters, small letters, double point, you name it.

When I started, with Le Maroc pour elle, or Lonestar Memories, I was not really concise: You find all possible combinations, from le maroc to LE MAROC. Does it matter? Not really. But I remember that -to my amazement- there were some discussions online about the deeper meening of it all. So there we go: Learning, and trying to get things done a bit better. The same is true for launches, by the way. This time, I want to make sure that all retailers and clients worldwide get their gardenia from Andy more or less at the same time with more or less the same information.

Having said that: Ultimately, what matters, is what’s inside. So there we go: Another January week’s ahead!