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Holiday cards

If you looking for the day 8 advent calendar giveaway: It is here on the blog of Brian Pera. Click here to get there. This post is NOT the day 8 of the advent calendar.

This is a serious post on a few things developing in front of my nose or eyes that I feel like sharing today. We have been busy stocking up. Air, Le Maroc, Carillon, you name it. And next will be -after a short trip abroad next week- soaps for friends and family. The Mandarines ambrées soaps need to be poured and packed like every year as little gift together with a holidays card.

I finally came up with this year’s holidays card. I am sort of tired already and have seen an overdose of candles, fir twigs, deers, stars, and more. Thus, I will do the holiday cards totally different this year. You see to the left an all white Origami prototype. Later, I will used different paper, of course.  I was told it is a Pochibukuro, and is actually used to give money to children in small decorated envelopes. I will put inside a simple card saying “Merry holidays and a happy 2012”. Thus, the coming days will see us folding paper.I am looking forward to it.

On Saturday, we will have the Scent Apero get together in Zurich and I need to dilute the few essential oils that I will show, such as Marjoram and Dill etc. and label the bottles and get some things organized there. I am so much looking forward to this event. It is casual, fragrant and it is about saying thank you. And then, next week, I will be for 2.5 days in Paris. We will have to see how this advent calendar of ours will do doing these days.

Talking about it, if you are still here reading: It is about time you get there, to day 8 of the advent calendar 2011, and leave your comment there. Not here. And watch that short silent movie by Brian Pera. I love it.