what's up?

hopping from here to there

uiuiui… we have been busy the last few days. My helping hands in the factory help me not only packing perfumes, but the two extra hands help me focus and be effective. No procrastination in the factory these days. Which is good, and at the same time different to what I usually do: Hopping like a rabbit from one nice flower to the next. Zigzag. I don’t know whether you have ever observed rabbits: When browsing they aren’t really systematic, but go from here to there, zigzag mode; it looks helplessly ineffective, but in the end it seems to work out for them.

Thus, procrastination happens at home, hence today’s picture. Some of my water colors. I was working on lilies the other day. And as soon as this post is off and out, I will hop into the other room in order to draw some lines before I have to hop onto the bike and head down to the factory. Later in the afternoon, I will fetch the printed cards for Gardenia, Sotto la luna: The card that goes into the discovery set. This is the last piece that I need before the launch. Then I have everything. And as we are packing the Gardenia these days, I looks as if I will start the launch (September) with sufficient stock. At least for a couple of weeks. It feels so good. For the first time since I am hopping around in the fields of perfumery, I go into a launch more or less prepared.

What can go wrong now? Everything! Think: Water, fire, burglars, earthquakes, snakes….

Keeping this in mind, I am looking forward to growing piles of packed perfumes.

And to end August: I booked an aquarell painting course.