what's up?


uff. That was quite an exercise and a good example for how simple things turn out more complicated than initially thought. At least thought by Andy Tauer. My IT supporting partner was more careful and advised me to expect some troubles and hidden fallouts and -downs.

Anyhow. We managed to finally switch to a SSL (Secure Socket Layer, has nothing to do with socks, though) site. Hence, tauerperfumes.com is now found at https://www.tauerperfumes.com. Most of the features should be fine now, but from time to time a little bug might pop up. We will see.If you find one, please let me know.

The good news: All your information entered on the tauer perfumes website website, such as names and phone numbers, address and e-mail is entered in a secured place. Ha!On the other hand, the credit card interface always was and still is secured by Postfinance, by the way. About the safest payment interface in Switzerland.

Time to celebrate! I think I go to the gym..