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hurray, hurray: An office day

Today’s blog post title actually rhymes. Cool. I should do more like these. It is an office day, from A to Z, after three days in the factory. Today’s picture shows you what I did there yesterday: Orange Star. The picture shows the last step before the flacons go into boxes: Putting the tops on. This is after filling, polishing, putting on the black o-rings (cache pomp like) and the labelling the best part. Then I am done with them and can forget about them for a while.

So it is an office day, and hurray: I have sent around 100 mails with track and trace links as rose flash update to perfume lovers who ordered back-ordered rose flash a while ago. Things seem to look a bit better than for the first round and I just hope that they will all go out smoothly, and do not need any more interventions from my side.

Better not, as I will be travelling tomorrow until early next week: Turino, I am coming. What I will do there? Make a few sketches if time allows and give a talk, a talk about incense. And how I use it. All in the great super exciting wonderful context of the Circolo dei Lettori. Here’s the link. I was to busy in the last few days to get nervous, but now I can feel the adrenaline kicking in. The talk will be Sunday. so there’s time. I will bring some different incense extracts that I use in my scents, like the CO2 extracted Boswellia serrata extract, from India, extracted in Germany. And maybe one non incense extract that I use in Air du désert marocain. Why this: Because, well, because in the dry down of this raw material (labdanum essential oil) there is quality that reminds of incense. When back, next week, I will talk in a radio show, about scent and seduction. To be aired in May 2015. Exciting, too!

So talking about incense. When going through my incenses and picking and smelling my labdanum essential oil (a speciality really, a steam distilled oil being standardized by adding some of the residue that remains after distillation…. yes: It makes a big difference!), when I smelled these next to each other, I thought that it might give a nice combination. Lots of incense, and much labdanum essential oil. Some ambrox to add lift. A woody leathery note, maybe cypriol that most of you know from oudh fragrances these days, and maybe a hint of …well, this I do not know yet. This is how I find my best ideas. Smelling raw materials and coming up with a four or five liner as fragrance. What follows next is the roaring machinery of optimization and redoing trial after trial.

But the office day is not over yet. More mails are waiting, going to suppliers, trying to find solutions in my super complex supplier chain machinery. Not easy, a challenge quite often, but in a certain way a rewarding challenge.

Have a great day!