I am back from Munich

Fragrant greetings to you. Yes you!

I am back from Munich, a bit tired because of  my not being used to being exposed to journalists. Usually, I am exposed to perfume lovers or bloggers and this different. The get together with Patrica de Nicolai and Sebastian Fischenich from Humiecki and Graef was wonderful, and I enjoyed their company a lot. We chatted about our brands, about our flacons and about our scents. I got to smell the new Eau cHic by Nicolai that I really liked a lot, because I am a big geranium fan to start with. But my favorite from Patricia’s line is and remains the New York, that I got a couple of years ago in her lovely shop at Rue Grenelle. New York is an absolute classic. Think Habit Rouge, but a touch more modern.

Anyhow. So we all met the journalists who were absolutely lovely. To be frank: I did similar events in the past, and I had visitors falling asleep over my scents. almost. Not this time. Woo hoo! I showed une  rose chyprée, ZETA – a linden blossom theme- , Pentachords VERDANT, and L’air du désert marocain, of course, telling the image of the scent, in 60 seconds. And I got some really nice comments and better even: Smart questions. I love smart questions. Such as how to balance the quest to grow and the artistic aspects of the brand.

A good question. For all of you who have never heard the Air du désert marocain image behind the scent, there we go. The others might consider reading (and taking their chance to win a sample)  on Olfactarama about Miriam, and following the serialized interview with Brian. Enjoy, and follow this link to Pat’s blog.

And here comes the image of Air du désert marocain:

“Imagine yourself in a hotel, in Ouarzazad, close to the desert, in the evening, you lying in bed, the door to the terrace wide open, the evening wind blows from the Saharan desert, it is dry and warm, it brings with it the spices from the souk, the smoke from the many open fires where women cook the evening food, the jasmine bush blooming at the corner of the street and the sweet hint of oriental cookies from the bakery next door. You inhale this perfume and fall asleep, dreaming of Moroccan wonders. ”

Today’s picture: the first original visual going with the air du désert marocain. The moon rising over the desert.