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il faut s'imaginer sisyphe heureux

I do not have a garden, just a spot in front of the house, a nice place where soon the tulips will bloom. These days, more or less daily, provided the weather allows it, I go down there, for 10 minutes or so and do what I call “therapeutic weeding”. Kneeling down and trying to make room for primroses and other delicate plants that are grown over by the super potent weed. As half of the spot is covered with grass and weed: This therapy will never end. It is therapeutic, especially after a day behind the computer or over the ipad or with sample vials, as it does good to do “real work”. In case my tomato plants survive until then: By mid May you will see me down there inspecting tomato leaves for plant louses and other enemies.  So far the tomato babies do well. Only the Peru wild type behaves like a spoiled tomato princess and germinated but decided to more or less stop growth now. We will see.

Today’s title “You have to imagine Sisyphus happy” : In the little outdoor spot in front of the house, I am Sisyphus, and happy.

When labelling Air du désert marocain bottles, I am Sisyphus, too. And happy.

I do not know how many bottles I have labelled in the last 9.5 years, but it’s many; very many. So, I guess, I am very happy.

Today’s picture: Air du désert marocain bottles ready to get labelled.