Yesterday, I got the NOONTIDE petals labels for the flacon. The label that will sit on the shoulder (picture coming next week) is a bright yellow, not too loud, but bright. I picked a comparable color for an illustration that I finished this morning, during my first creative Friday hours. You can see the result in today’s post picture.

I got the idea while filling the first batch of samples, in front of the Cintiq, and I did a rough sketch, completely immersed in aldehydes, flower petals and bright woods. In a sense, Noontide petals refers back in time, let’s say a good 85 years back.  That’s why I sat there with my samples and saw an art déco inspired illustration for this perfume. Kind of “UFA” aesthetics. You can get an idea here, on Google’s image selection for the images search term [art deco].

There is something very radiant there, in Noontide. It feels a bit like light inside the scent, getting reflected on soft flower petals that glare as bright spots on a glamorous stage. Noontide petals is all about the light. In a sense. You get the idea.

a quick sketch of Noontide petals illustration while filling samples.

But ultimately fascinates me is the fact that I was looking for an illustration for ages and had no idea. But the very moment I started filling those samples it was there. Strange how the mind works.

I wish you all a lovely weekend with much sun and bright light.